Approaching the Conversation

Starting the conversation about mental health with young people can be difficult. Our Mental Health Team has put together a tip sheet for parents and caregivers to help you being this journey.

Tip Sheet for Parents Guardians and Caregivers

Be Kind...You don't know other people's stories

This 40 second video is a powerful reminder for all of us to remember that we don’t know other people’s stories and to work on being kind.

Watch it at Be Kind…You Don’t Know People’s Stories

Personal Resiliency

In all the busyness and overwhelm that surrounds us these days, it can be hard to remember to engage in self-care. Take a look at School Mental Health Ontario’s suggestions on how to Take Care of Yourself too.

View Personal Resiliency


Mentally Healthy Back to School

A great resource to assist parents as they transition their children back to school.  This is available in 33 languages.

Racial Stress

We recognize that caregivers who are not white-passing and/or who are parenting non-white children have experiences in the world that require some more specific supports, at times. The Resilience Initiative ( has developed a tip tool for caregivers impacted by racial stress that acknowledges the issues faced and provides some individual strategies for helping manage the impact on you.

For Younger Children

School Mental Health Ontario has put together 12 activities parents can do with their younger children to promote some fun while practicing skills to help your child’s social and emotional development.